adra2Adra, aka Alandria Sheffer is a heady and technical gear based producer and live act based out of San Francisco, California.  Originally hailing from Las Vegas, Adra moved to the bay to escape the desert heat but it seems obvious that she’s brought to the bay a bit of heat on her own with her original music and Live P.A.  Adra’s very much an underground techno phenomenon, having pushed aside many other things in her life in order to keep her head locked within her gear, as such, you might have to know someone or be already heavily involved in the scene to have to get to know what is stewing in her musical pot. In a way, that’s almost better since her music and focus is pure, while her dedication remains deeply true to the pursuit of techno that is at once both original and issues a challenge to the world techno scene at large; making her music a joy to discover and cherish as one of the many intriguing forces defining the SF techno scene to date.

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