Andrew Boie

Portland techno DJ and Closer PDX resident, Andrew Boie has been pushing his all vinyl selections since he started collecting records habitually in 1999. Originally one of the founding members of the Kansas City Techno Crew, Andrew had a long stint as a radio show host and co promoter of parties in the Midwest before turning his attentions towards Portland, where he now calls home. Andrew Boie’s tracks are a real pedigree of sounds ranging from classic house and techno influences to slamming early 00’s 135 bpm techno to the deepest of burning dub techno. All his selections really seem to have a nod towards the history of electronic music while always peering out for something new and imaginative in the world of techno. Andrew’s mixing always catches on to one specific concept within the track and blends it seamlessly with another, ultimately creating a grander picture or theme of evolving ideas within the entire set.

Catch Andrew’s interview and podcast with Bomphcast here.

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