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Friday May.14.2010
DEFSF presents

Line Up::

Joey Beltram )Tresor.Drumcode.Harthouse.R&S.Trax(
Kyle Geiger )Drumcode.MB Elektronics.Perc Trax(
Nikola Baytala )[KONTROL] Auralism(
Haptic Synapses )Dobox(


Solar )Sunset.Bang the Box(
Alland Byallo )Dirt Crew. Nightlight(
Adnan )Forward(
Robot Head )Heroic Robot.DEFSF(
Nick Argon )Argon Records(
Kozee )Badman Digital.Hot N Heavy(
NTRLD )Rukkuz Muzic.Simplify(
Sheztek* )Moksha Tribe(
* Special all electro breaks set!


103 Harriet St. SF CA 10pm-4am 21+ w/ID
Limited Presales For $15 & $20, $25 door

Buy tickets for DEFSF Presents INTEGRATED with Joey Beltram


Full Bios::

||Joey Beltram||

If you want to talk about legends in the world of techno.. Joey Beltram surely comes to mind. No one man has had releases on more seminal electronic music labels (Trax, Tresor, Plus 8, R&S, Harthouse, FFRR) and has had more pull on the direction of techno as a whole since the early 90s than Joey Beltram. Joey Beltram has more hit records than any producer could hope to expect in their lifetime: Instant, Drome, Ball Park, My Sound, Energy Flash, Game Form, The Start It Up… As of late, Joey seems to be doing it all over again with releases on Drumcode, MB electronics, Bush, Harthouse and is currently storming up the charts as the # 3 producer in the world, bar none.

||Kyle Geiger||

Not long after his discovery of techno, it was the harder and more percussive tastes of the Swedish sound that initially inspired Indiana based Kyle Geiger as a DJ foryears before the genres overall sound took a slower and softer turn. Still loving the energy and power of the earlier phases of techno, while being greatly influenced by long time friends and minimal techno veterans such as JPLS and Skoozbot, it was at that point when Kyle Geiger began to push himself as a producer harder to create music that helped fill the gap of the divide between the techno and “minimal’ arenas. While the initial projects were being drawn to a completion, Drumcode label manager Adam Beyer was on the hunt for what he describes to many as a “modern techno sound” where he discovered Kyle through a mutual friend putting the music in his hands just in time for him to put it to the test at the Winter Music Conference in 2007. Upon the invitation to come on board with Drumcode, Kyle’s sound has become more refined and chiseled into what very well may be a breed of techno that pushes things forward for the next generations of techno to come, while also striving to take his widely recognized DJ sets to the next level through both technology and what many are calling the future sounds of techno.

||Nikola Baytala||

So what can you say about one of the hardest working Djs in the history of San Francisco? The man has a track record of non stop headlining gigs throughout San Francisco, underground and above ground. He’s the DJ you can find making the crowd sweat into the wee hours of the morning with a vast and diverse collection of tasty vinyl consisting of some of the toughest techno and super dope house ever cut to wax. He’s been known to drop stormers, funky jaxx, sweet house, and booty shaking tech house.

||Haptic Synapses||

Haptic Synapses is a recently formed crew of some of the leading players from the Dobox label out of San Jose, the Rhythmist, Steve Cooley, and Qorser. Each member brings their own personality to the table, with tech represented Cooley, funk realized by The Rhythmist, and deep soul as touched upon by Qorser. They each have come together to jam out in the form of a live P.A. on a combination of self made software & hardware to give real meaning to words techno soul in a style that is both truly original and west coast.. this Coming set will be the crew’s first public appearance after rocking rocking the blissfactory live for 3 hours without breaking a sweat. They wanted to play longer but the beer ran out.  ;)


DJ Solar is a vet of the SF house music scene who’s name conjures up the very essence what San Francisco house is about. Through his sets with the Sunset crew and off the hook Bionic parties, Solar continues to shape and define the role of house music in Today’s San Francisco Scene. Usually focusing on Paradise Garage sounds of old with the bumping funk of traditional San Franciscpo house stylings, Solar tends to focus mainly on his skills to build the hype about him rather than heavy self promotion. Looks like the strategy is working. =)

||Alland Byallo||

Having produced electronic music for over 10 years and DJing for nearly as long, Alland has come to be an international talent, releasing original material and remixes on respected US and European record labels such as Liebe*Detail, Floppy Funk, Utensil Recordings and Dirtybird among many others, and headlining events all over. His music, a blend of old and new elements of techno, house and minimal, is regularly charted and has been licensed to CD’s released by Universal, OM Records, Proton Music and Airdrop Music.


Palestinian, Brazilian-born, Adnan Sharif immigrated to the USA in 1987 and found a new home in the city of San Francisco. DJ Adnan is one of the rising stars of the San Francisco House music scene with releases on major underground labels. His musical styles include all genres of House music ranging from deep to tech, electro to tribal – always making the dancers move their feet.

|| Robot Head||http://www.electronpusher.org/~mattstone/uziq/music/ROBOT%20HEAD/mattstone_connect.mp3

Robot Head Aka Matthew D. Stone has been kicking around with the Visuals crew Heroic Robot for several years pushing out funky house to minimal sets. He canoften be found behind a visuals desk along side DJ Heroic attempting to do your head in with advanced lighting software and hacked algorithms. He is often clad in a robot helmet wearing a huge smile. Why? cause he knows he’s messing with your head.

||Nick Argon||

Argon Records founder Nick Argon knows how the right drops to bring you right to your knees.  He has tracks that you can’t just get out of your head and has more of them and more original tracks than you have ever heard out of any other DJ in the San Francisco dubstep scene… a scene in which, thanks to artists like Nick Argon and label mate, Matty G is blowing up worldwide.


KOZEE (pronounced cozy) was born in Lansing, Michigan and started her love affair with music early. Her family would relocate to Sacramento, California, and at the age of 7, she compiled her first mixtape, inadvertently on the path towards creating her own music one day. In the early 90s she started collecting vinyl and building hip hop mixtapes (through those she landed an opening slot for DJ Maseo of De La Soul fame). Now, having performed back to back with Silkie, MRK1, and others while touring the UK and Europe – she continues to share the stage and draw inspiration from many other prominent UK/ Europe/North American dubstep producers including members of San Francisco’s thriving Dubstep community. With a current release on Badman Press (with DZ) and a current EP with Badman Digital (feat DZ and Werd2Jah) and a release on Hot N Heavy Recordings (feat DZ) , this US bass siren has shook up the dubstep world and has gained serious attention from artists like Starkey, Crookers, Rusko & more!


NTRLD began in 2008, when bandmates Ryan Meblin and Steven Ochoa broke off to form their own dubstep duo. An unrivaled studio work ethic and nonstop DJing has brought them to the attention of bass music lovers all over San Francisco, Cali, and the world. The soundscapes NTRLD delivers in their production and DJ sets can only be described as bass weaponry for your sound system. Their signature sound can be heard in DJ sets worldwide from 6Blocc, Borgore, 12th Planet, Diplo (Major Lazer), DZ, XI, Mark Instinct, Mimosa, Dread Foxx, Sam Supa, Ultraviolet, Kozee, Blackheart, and more. Their remix of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” has been recognized and rinsed out on massive soundsystems everywhere. They have done official remixes for The Cataracs(Universal), Dev(Indie-pop), Major Lazer(Mad Decent) and DZ(Badman Press/Truetiger). Keep an eye out for NTRLD, as they are currently hard at work in the studio on loads of forthcoming material at 130-160bpm.


Sheztek is by far the most skilled electro breaks djs to ever have graced the 1’s & 2’s. His tracks drip with class, his mixing and sense of flow are unparalleled and to top it off, his demeanor behind the decks bears a close resemblance to the emperor from the empire strikes back. ..;) The deep spaced out electro tracks are tinged with a sick, evil twist that kind of makes you wonder if it’s really just static coming off that vinyl? Raised on Miami Bass and educated at MIT, technical and robotic breaks are a fitting sound for this DJ. It’s often trite to say that you are saving the best for last but in Sheztek’s case.. he’s the best electro DJ in the Bay. Look for him to bring the ILL to Electro. Not to be missed.

Friday May.14.2010DEFSF presentsINTEGRATED:: feat. JOEY BELTRAMTechno:Joey Beltram ) Tresor.Drumcode.Harthouse.R&S.Trax (
Kyle Geiger ) Drumcode.MB Elektronics.Perc Trax (
Nikola Baytala )[KONTROL] Auralism (
Haptic Synapses )Dobox (
Solar )Sunset.Bang the Box(
Alland Byallo )Dirt Crew. Nightlight(
Adnan )Forward(
Robot Head )Heroic Robot.DEFSF(
Nick Argon )Argon Records(
Kozee )Badman Digital.Hot N Heavy(
NTRLD )Rukkuz Muzic.Simplify(
Sheztek* )Moksha Tribe( *Special all electro breaks set!
103 Harriet St. SF CA 10pm-4am 21+ w/ID
Limited Presales For $15 & $20, $25 door

looks like a sick line up huh..