DEFSF Presents :::Gamma Waves::: 12.1.18 Feat. 1800Haightstreet & Anthony Jimenez

Coming up December 1st, 2018
DEFSF Presents :::Gamma Waves::: 12.1.18
DEFSF returns, bringing you pure warehouse bangin’ West Coast Techno vibes from the likes of::
SF, Det.
Van., E. Bay
East Bay location TBA:::
Wall to Wall Sound:: Society Sound
$15 door. 18+ 9pm-6am
All Souls Welcome
Infoline:: 510.747.8079
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We came up on these artists about a couple years ago and before they’re getting 3500+ followers on social media they’re putting out small releases on respected local labels and catching some serious wreck. We’re like, who are these guys? Why are they so damn good!? And why are they not from San Francisco with a name like that? Vancouver heads 1800HaightStreet are Zachary Treble and Hunter Cheveldave and have been putting out tracks on Lobster theremin and Pacific command, since 2015 and got their name when they put out The Pursuit on Lobster Theremin that same year. Their sound is just a really together and well-orchestrated statement of pure techno, all elements and ideas eloquently stated.. It’s a fresh statement on the techno genre and is sick as it is artistic. We’re super stoked that we can feature them here at our event and bring them down to make a true west coast techno party.
Anthony Jimenez
Anthony recently moved to SF after chasing his heart and leaving behind a great legacy in Detroit as part of the Blank Code Crew, the Detroit Techno Label and podcast which has featured a veritable “who’s who” in the game from Drumcell to Kyle Geiger, Truncate and Annie Hall, headed up by Chad Parraghi, Nick Bien and Corbin Davis. It’s through his releases on Blank Code he’s been known as a hard-hitting techno producer who’s hitting his stride and making his name on the world stage and into the record crates of the best names in the techno scene. Anthony’s recent move to SF and his teaming up with Lindsey Herbert as Alterity points to the writing on the wall that SF has recently become the new techno city (we hope you enjoy your stay) we’re looking forward to this party as his first solo appearance since moving here and are very much interested to see what this means as a sign for sea change in the techno community of the Bay Area.
Aka Holly Bun Has been featured on her own Radio Valencia Show the Infinite Beat since 2015.. Radio Valencia is part of the die hard DIY community based ethic of the Mission in SF and embodies a great local spirit of cutting edge or hard to find underground producers who wouldn’t have a voice anywhere else. The infinite beat is part of that spirit and has featured local underground heroes Teeyam, Subset and Doc sleep, to name a few of her long running program.. Recently you might find her djing around town for Sure Thing, Surface Tension, Honey Soundsystem and VX. Holly’s got a really classy, educated sound who’s pursuit lay within the abstract textures and darker rhythms of techno as well as deep ambient soundscapes.
Quest is a Vancouver, Canada and East Bay, CA-based, live-focused project by audio engineer and musician Kieran Coulter. The project’s long term aim is to introduce new forms of integrated electronic art and music, generating experiences that push the bar within the Electronic medium. Over the past two years, Quest’s live performances have developed a hypnotic and driving sound, weaving together layers of rhythm and synthesis to the point where the tracks blur together and it becomes difficult to tell where one track begins and another ends, with a flow that’s always in the mix.
Bradley Jared has been involved in the local Northbay renegade scene for over 5-7 years and is a Drum and Bass head who’s found his way to the techno darkside through our events. Yes, we’ve subverted him, yes we are proud of this. But we’re also stoked to have him on our lineup because he is no stranger to a pair of XDJs and the Society Soundsystem. Having an inside look on the devastating power of the system is like home field advantage for this Thought Society Head. Happy to have him tear it up for us.
Aka Ripley is our local subwoofer whisperer who literally lives with bassbins within arms reach at all times (as one does). He can literally not make a track without mixing it on a soundsystem. And as a result, everything he does is with the soundsystem in mind. He has a deep and thorough understanding of just what a system can do and is very fond of putting the stacks through their paces. Where most people live with neighbors who’re armed with broomsticks to beat floorboards and ceilings, Ripley has chosen a life in the sticks where he can rise and grind to a coffee and the sunrise over a mountaintop to pure, hard, abstract, and bangin’ techno. Expect deep and thorough soundsystem gymnastics during his set where the Romanian judge might actually give it a 10 out of 10.
Society Sound system is a 64,000 watt sound system with precision bass (155 dB max SPL sub bass to be precise) that can level the grass at the renegade and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. If you’ve got a fetish for a fully dynamic bass driven sound system engineered by a classically trained musician and obsessed bass junkie, Society Sound has you covered. For this event we’re giving DVS1 the nod and building up our wall of sound all Midwest style and going to bang the fukkn walls of this warehouse something proper. If you don’t leave with your bones vibrating in sympathetic resonance to the bass, we’re not happy. Just make sure to check to see if you leave with all your fillings intact at sunrise. XOXO