DEFSF Presents Integrated::: 12.2.16 Feat Kafka and Subversive

Once again, we’re back on a mission. This time we’re bringing some of the finest selectors from up and down the coast together under one roof to lay down and slay you with the heaviest bass rhythms to ever hit warehouse concrete. As always, this one’s for the dancers, trueschool techno heads and the flyest among you. This sound is dedicated to you.


Coming up December 2nd, 2016
DEFSF Presents Integrated::: 12.2.16
vox: 510.747.8079 (directions and map)

line up:

Lindsey Herbert

Robot Ears | SF


DEFSF | Thought Society | North Bay


Subspec | Innerflight | Reclaim Your City | Vancouver


Droid Behavior | VRV | LA


DEFSF | Vancouver | Southbay


[KONTROL] | Teknokitchen | SF


East Bay location TBA:::
Free fruit and water all night long.
Sound:: Society Sound
Vision:: VJ Pixel Pusher
$15 door. 18+ 9pm-6am
Info: 510.747.8079

RSVP at Facebook.


Dress to sweat.
Come with an open heart and a trouble free mind.





Lindsey Herbert

Quite the year for Lindsey in 2015-2016. As a Resident for the crew, Robot Ears, she’s been on the line up with more international techno heads than many veterans in the scene combined, so many, in fact, we’ve lost count. Lindsey’s strengths rely showing her enthusiasm for dark pounding and artfully crafted techno, which she crafts lovingly into grooving soundscapes on the fly with a style that is calm and calculating. We’re thrilled that Lindsey’s going to warm up the stacks for us and kick off the night right.



Ripley’s greatest passions include jamming, leftfield abstract techno, punishing techno stormers, experimental classical, african drumming and hanging out with massive bassbins while drinking coffee in his livingroom. As commander of Society Sound and promoter for Thought Society, the fellow DEFSF crewman’s expertise is held within riding the standing basswave to punishing effect. From renegade, to club to underground.. Riflefeet is a master of utilizing the sound system as an artform. Come get some bass and make sure you come out with your fillings intact.



Richard Duggan heading out of Vancouver specializes in a deep disembodied hypnotic grooving sound. Each of Kafka’s sets are something completely special. They come from a place that feels just beyond your present mind. Techno out of body experience music maybe? We’re not so sure because after we listened to a string of his sets we woke up in a potato field in Northern Idaho… but that’s another story. -One thing we do know is that Kafka’s music is definitely a trip. We’re thrilled have the gentleman here in the Bay to assist us in tearing down the walls and combing the deep recesses of your mind.



Hailing from LA, Subversive is well known as part of the Droid Behavior crew and is due to soon to release on Droid Behavior’s sublabel VRV alongside past DEFSF guest Rai­z. We at DEFSF have a habit of booking djs purely on their mixing talents alone and every single set from Subversive has proved that this DJ knows how to throw down. We’re thrilled to have such a craftsman behind the decks this round commanding the top slot of the night. Ecstatic nonstop dancing is really what Subversive is known for, there’s no other words for it, his set is truly going to be off the hook.



DEFSF head, Quest aka Kieran Coulter has definitely been on a tear creatively over the last few years. Just listening to him talk about music is so inspiring because it makes you wonder what he’s hearing inside of the sounds, his music seemingly coming from an otherworldly place. Weaving layers of rhythm into an experience that develops over the entire set, Quest is a hypnotic and driving sound, pulling the listener in and out of parallel worlds, as sense of time is stretched within the portals between them.


Two of the most experienced DJs in the SF underground have been collaborating recently as the duo Tehama based on a certain infamous and memorable alley that is etched on many SF techno head’s brains. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, ask anyone who’s been around the scene for awhile and watch them glaze over with loving nostalgia. Make sure to pace yourselves cause Craig and Dima are going to take you on an all vinyl set deep, and I mean deep, into the morning hours. Don’t forget to bring your shades cause we’re not stopping till morning light.