]KAOS[ 8.7.10

DEF Presents

]KAOS[ ;)
a benefit for the Bliss Factory++

intimate UG east bay location

Saturday August 7th

DJs (in Order of Appearance)
JORDAN HEYSER .acid house
ORIONZ .tekhaus
OROTORO .jackin 90s techno
SNOEK .techno
DISCONNECT .dubtech/hedphuck tech

I used to be able to judge a good underground party by there being three critical things: A dog, some young raver couple brought their baby with ear protection headgear, and some one got naked. That special combo is mega rare these days and one of the 3 ain’t bad.. but now I mostly just look for a party where everyone is smiling. By the looks of things so far.. I’m sure this is going to be one of those parties.

Sound by DEF Audio

All responsible ages welcome
$10 dollar donation

call the info line for map point info.


CU @ the party