::VOID:: 11.4.11

November Fourth 2011
DEF sends you its warmest regards from the…

with East Bay Techno heroes:
Milkplant | From 0-1
Rodrigo Quinonez | Re~set
Steven Campodonico | Re~set
Si Moore | Re~set

visuals by ]Basic
Sound by DEF-Audio

10-6 am



Intimate limited capacity virgin venue. Please arrive to the map point early.




Wully bully, we gotta go… Oh hai! -been a while since DEF has done anything party wise and it’s been long overdue. This time it’s with the Oakland techno posse, Re~set and the serious techno stylings of Justin ‘Milkplant’ Pennel. The concept? Represent Oakland to the fullest.

Oakland has always had a dirty reputation despite having such a cheery name. It’s a dichotomy that runs deep. In the hardest and most desolate wastes of Oakland you can find the nicest and most openly friendly people. In a way, it’s a method of survival and a way to put your neighbor at ease.. a simple good evening goes a long way to disengaging an Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) response and bringing up your community. Similarly, Techno In the east bay shares a similar story, it seems the harder the techno, the closer the community. Techno is what we have as our community and it’s what brings us together, the ties that bind are what keep us together pushing up our community stronger than any other. To us, this is our sound. This is Oakland, techno is part of who we are and this is how we get down.

Visit this page for further event details closer to the date….