Exillon, Jay Fields is a very skilled and well versed electronic music producer who is pretty much one of the sleeper talents residing in the Bay Area today. And that’s only because Exillon remains supremely humble about his abilities. He’s the kind of producer to play live in a headlining slot at ADE and jump off the plane and head 30 miles straight into the wilderness to play at a renegade for just the thrill of it all.. (true story). When DEFSF first caught up with Jay about 8-10 years ago, we’re doing internet radio and he played live to our small audience with some of the sickest and most intelligent acid electro you could expect to find in the bay at the time. Jay comes from a background of IDM and experimental music.. which he explains is mostly about taking machines to their limits and breaking them sonically and exploring what that sound could be like. Artistically, that’s what is a motivating factor in Exillon’s sound but he ranges from glitched out to supremely classy and artistic tracks that will really leave you craving more.

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