Jerry Abstract, Techno Musician, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver,

Jerry Abstract

Jerry Abstract is a musician, DJ and currently one of the most definitive artists of the Cascadian techno sound in the Pacific Northwest. What is Cascadian Techno? True to the spirit of the region, Cascadia foster’s it’s own sense of independence, awareness of natural beauty and has a different view upon the world. And as such, any music coming from Cascadia would be also fiercely independent and draw influence from its surroundings.  This is certainly true for Jerry Abstract, who is a jewel in the crown of alternative thinking for electronic music in the region. This is made evident by his unique approaches in electronic music methodology, penchant for including IDM influences from his own various side projects, and his Live PA performances and DJ sets that throw previous conventions, compromises or formalities out the window.   His love for his scene is made evident by his many collaborations with techno artists in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, as well as being a core member and designer for the Decibel Festival in Seattle, and also as an artist on labels  Knightriders, Innerflight, Subsensory, Peloton and From 0-1.  His strong and unique productions on every one of his releases sets a course for others to follow, so long as they are brave enough. It is influences such as Jerry’s that are vital to chart new paths in techno and electronic music, without whom, music would seem much more dreary and uninspired, which is why Jerry Abstract is certainly in a class of his own.

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Full bio::
Jerry Abstract completely encompasses electronic music in his lifestyle as a DJ, Producer, Remixer, Designer, Promoter and Friend to the community.

He’s the Art Director for Seattle’s Decibel Festival. He also consults promoters around America, judges laptop battles, hosts his own events and was tagged as a “Next 100″ artist by URB Magazine in 2007 and 2008 for his production talents. He creates tracks and remixes in his personal studio for the labels Shitkatapult Musick, Semisexual, From 0-1, Schematic, Knight Riders, Equal Recordings, Slant Records, Sub Sensory, Daly City, mass.mvmnt, Innerflight Music, Memex, Fourthcity, Peloton, Dragon’s Eye Recordings and Dulcette. Jerry Abstract has published customized DJ mixes for Shitkatapult, Electric Deluxe, Detroit Underground, From 0-1, Mass.Mvmnt and Slant Records. In addition to his monthly contribution to Resident Advisor’s top ten charts, Jerry has been featured many times over on a multitude of worldwide radio broadcasts.

His production aliases include Ian Ginsing for his experimental tech-house adventures, and Former Selv for his more ambient and non-dance floor oriented compositions, Avee Libretto for his collab IDM project (with Derek Linaman), while saving the Jerry Abstract moniker for all of his other creations. Mr. Abstract’s influences come from a variety of places, starting with his counter-cultural growth in Detroit during the earlier waves of techno while attending secret inner city underground parties in the early 1990’s. In 2004 he spent the summer living in Berlin, but currently resides in Seattle taking inspiration from the scenic Pacific Northwest.

As a true asset, Jerry has kick-started both the second and third waves of the Cascadian electronic music movement. Locally he has held a residency at the popular but now defunct Groovetech, co-promoted the infamous Robo.Trash weekly and helps with regular Decibel events. On top of all of his multi-disciplinary functions, JAbstract maintains a healthy international DJ schedule with multiple appearances at Detroit’s Movement (DEMF), Tresor (Berlin), Tonic (NYC), Miami’s WMC, Bumbershoot (SEA), and of course a rare live set each year at the Decibel Festival (SEA). He has played alongside the likes of Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Green Velvet, Modeselektor, Apparat, T.Raumschmiere, Bruno Pronsato, Richard Devine, The Advent and countless others. With Cascadia itself now home to a bevy of talented electronic music producers, Jerry Abstract has raised his game to become one of the city’s only elite DJ’s, Producer’s, and Remixer’s while bringing a positive attitude and skills to match other international talent.

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