Southbay / SF techno mainstays, brothers and DJ duo, Paul Leath and Christopher Leath aka El Gato #9 have been producing techno and DJing since the early days of the Southbay techno scene with their labels, Bloo Neko Recordings, Friction, and El Otro Mundo. They are affiliated and deep friends with Resource Records, Dobox record label, and the surrounding scene in San Jose that helped birth Techno in the Bay Area earliest on.

Together as a DJ Duo, they span dubby to house-infused tracks to hard and complex techno styles. They have a deeply thinking and calculating mindset when DJing and when it comes to both of them at once, it could go any direction. It’s fun to listen to exactly where they take you in a set and you will not exactly know where they take you next.

Catch Leathal playing at our next event DEFSF Presents Aurora 10.14.23 with JX-216 & DK Pau coming up on 10-14-23.

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