past site news

2009.10.08: DEF-announce is reborn. List should be fully active within a matter of days.

2009.8.21: COMING SOON! DEF presents Integrated:10.24.9. DEF’s first West Coast Techno event in over 5 years Featuring Bryan Zentz and Drumcell. URL:Integrated: 10.24.9

2008.8.10: MP3 content added to profiles via secure player.

2008.7.17: Chat enabled on Radio Integrated page. Chat with the DEF cru during live broadcasts.

2008.7.01: Future plans on site: major overhaul of site to Plone as well as addition of core audio content, media server incorporation, and a 24 hour broadcast day on Radio Integrated.

2008.6.14: DEF finally makes it to Youtube

2008.3.18: DEF Welcomes the code-fu and serverside knowledge of Phillip M.

2008.3.17: 1.5 up and running

2007.12.01: Elated to have the web development/internet radio expertise of DJ STML on board for 2.0 and future versions. We are very pleased to welcome him to DEF!

2005-2-22 : DEF is pleased to welcome Shazbot to the family.

2005-1-29 : ‘IS-AS’ DEF/ Ambient Mafia collab event comes and goes with mild success and welcomes back heroes Jakub (teknofunk Seattle) and welcomes back longtime MIA techno dj/ new DEF head, Macadio

2004-11-20 : DEF welcomes DJ Yap to the crew.

2004-11-4 : DEF co-presenting forthcoming event 2004-12-4 “tenderloft, mayonnaise, DEF, & otherworld present:: “The Beatification of the Beat” more details tba.

2004-9-12 : Forthcoming event 2004-10-2 DEF’s “west coast techno float” Love Parade.. Market & Beale St. further info::> visit

2004-8-25 : DEF accepted for float contingency in the first ever stateside love parade in SF, Oct. 2nd.

2004-4-21 : DEF server proposed. ..delayed..

2004-3-9 : Forthcoming DEF event 2004-4-10 ..Robot Feelings.. Cellspace SF (

2003-10-05 : Future perfect marks initial stalwart success at attempting to break even. Also marks initial endeaver to open minds of the young raving massive to the benefits of the techno UG.

2003-08-20 : Forthcoming DEF event 2003-10-04 ..Future Perfect..

2003-07-21 : Donate to via Paypal! (not active)

2003-07-21 : Paradigm Shift resulting in financial chaos, yet lauded as a successful and well received event. Much respect to all who came representing west coast techno.

2003-06-21 : Forthcoming DEF event 2003-07-19 ..Paradigm Shift..

2003-03-17 : Site designer node1 brought into the fray.

2003-03-02 : DEFSF Future projects pending onsite: ..delayed..

2003-01-21 : DEFSF launched