Raíz, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas (often performing solo or as a duo) have long since been key figures in the Southern California techno scene, providing the groundwork alongside Drumcell with the Droid Behavior Crew, laying the foundations for one of the strongest crews to represent techno in North America, and that’s not a hyperbole. As the crew has developed and the West Coast scene has matured, Raíz was there in the flesh and working hard to establish their sound, and as such, has been recognized worldwide, from their own Interface events in LA, to Movement in Detroit, to Berghain and Tresor in Berlin.

Raíz joined DEFSF in Vancouver on Friday the June 10th as well as The Bay Area on Saturday June 11th 2016, Check out the event page for videos and stories.

Catch a recent interview with Raíz on Death Techno here.

Official BIO

Producers and label owners Vangelis and Vidal Vargas have performed worldwide from North America to Europe to Japan. Through their connection with Drumcell they developed the label, production group and music collective Droid Behavior. Aside from curating forward thinking events such as Interface, Raíz have released affective music on labels including Electric Deluxe, Historia Y Violencia, Droid Recordings and their own label VRV. As performers, Raíz fully harness the capabilities of technology to create a thick blend of Detroit- influenced techno and hard, gritty house. Years of production experience inform their Live PA / Digital DJ hybrid approach, as they layer each track’s core essentials and live improvisation to craft sets into a unique and narrative arch. Their releases follow suit, drawing from their musical training and diverse influences, to shape conceptual tracks of substance.

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