Riflefeet Aka Ripley is the local subwoofer whisperer of his own crew Thought Society (Est. 2010), is the Soundsystem Engineer and builder of Society Sound, co-founder and former promoter of Outlet, and is the main provider of sound for our DEFSF events and has been our co-promoter for every DEFSF event in the last 5 years.

Ripley was a world music performance major at Calarts and studied North Indian Classical, Ghanian drumming and dance, Balinese and Javanese Gamelan as well as becoming deeply entrenched in the minimalist music of the 60’s (Reich, Cage, etc) and deep listening experiments of Pauline Oliveros.  This diverse set of influences is what informs his musical persona which is heavily infused with polyrhythm and intriguing combinations of aesthetics.  Ripley’s love for the underground was born just before his teen years through Bay Area punk and metal scene where he frequently performed renegade sidewalk shows outside venues as a guitarist/vocalist.  There early years established a strong DIY mentality which has been reflected in the DEFSF ethos of recent years. Ripley is a critical component to our crew whose energy is the real dynamic push to where we are at present along with Kieran Coulter, and Sean Ocean.

As a producer, Ripley/Riflefeet literally lives with bassbins within arms reach at all times and as a result everything he does is with the soundsystem in mind. His productions range from moody hypnotic meditations to driving nose-bleeding bangers to jagged percussive workouts all designed to put the stacks through their paces.  Where most people live with neighbors who’re armed with broomsticks to beat floorboards and ceilings, Ripley has chosen a life in the sticks where he can rise and grind to a coffee and the sunrise over a mountaintop to pure, hard, abstract, and bangin’ techno.  Frequently found up front and center with the dancefloor crew at techno parties and raves throughout the bay, he has built a strong sensibility for the current state of modern techno and what keeps the dancefloor vibing past dawn.

Ripley is featured as a performer at all our most recent events and our upcoming event: RESONANCE 02.09.19.

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