E.B.E., EBE Audio, Lucas Rodenbush, has been on the scene since he started in 1991, and is a truly longstanding and varied techno artist influenced by New Wave, Industrial, House and the soulful sounds of Detroit. If there’s anything that would describe his sound it would be the words, ‘techno soul’; since the funk, the jack of house with the feeling and the soul of Detroit is always with his music even when he’s banging out a proper techno set anywhere from Los Angeles to Osaka. In the past, Lucas has led a really long and fruitful career as a musician, releasing on such truly transformitive techno labels as
Transmat and Soma… and his works have been lauded from every electronic magazine from XLR8R to Mixmag. Over the last few years, Lucas has centered his E.B.E. projects to focus on his house and techno, while his his own personal Lucas Rodenbush projects have been a deep soul searching journey into electro acoustics, sound design and sound theory.

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Full Bio::

Lucas Rodenbush has been making electronic music since 1991. He is best known for his work as e.b.e. on labels like Soma, Plastic City, Afterhours, Yoshi Toshi, Resource, + jump, Grayhound, Yellorange, Subliminial Soul, as well as his and same-named San Jose, California-based former record store establishment’s Solid Grooves label (renamed in 1997 to Solid Trax as to avoid confusion with Aubrey’s UK imprint Solid Groove). Lucas has been met with considerable praise by the likes of writers at large from influential floor-favoring publication crews like XLR8R, Urb, Muzik, Mixer, DJ/IDJ, Jockey Slut, Groove, Mixmag, and others, not to mention djs, dancers + listeners alike. His music has helped set the tone for the ongoing fusion of techno with house into the dance music community’s cultural fabric. He now ushers his newly developing scenic music and notch audio projects with promising talent + feeling throughout, maintaining his focus on the dancefloor and beyond to further expound upon his signature musical discourse, sonic quality and rhythmic approach.

As a producer, his output continues to grow a collection of eps and mixes on prolific labels: Transmat, Plastic City Germany, Arabica, Night Drive, Organised Noise, Affected, Dobox, Manuscript, Designforms, Dutchie, Immigrant, Circle, Terraform, Catalyst, Plush, Music that People Play, Seventy Four, Intrinsic Design, Silver Pearl, Jericho, Strive, Shva, Thoughtless, Adaptation, Counterw8, Beatbum, and Audio Abuse. He also appears as one half of Timeline, Consequential Theorists, The Storytellerz, and makes other solo commentary as Entity, Lucas Rodenbush, Rodenbush and Moonchild. His music has made it onto the tracklists of many a compilation CD by such internationally respected DJs as Danny Tenaglia, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Donald Glaude, Chris Fortier and Carl Cox. He has also seen a track licensed to the Sony Pictures Classics 35mm release of the feature “Groove” alongside the likes of John Digweed, Octave One and DJ Wish FM, as well as an inclusion on Transmat’s revered Time:space_02 project and DEMF movement 2004’s commemorative dobule-cd compilation. His career as a dance musician has led him to work with important artists like Digs [diy], Christian Smith, Alexi Delano, DJ Spun, Gpal, Robin Porter, Chris Jackson, Jesse Brooks, Kenneth Graham, Walter Chao, Douglas Reid, Joel Starr [rip], Christain Hunt, Mustafa, Arturo Garces, Jon Babiracki, and Alonso Ordoñez. He has also remixed the work of Mateo & Matos, Alexander East, Jay Tripwire, Pete Moss, Arthur Oskan, Filta Freqs, Sidestreet Players, Onur Ozman, Marc Cotterell, Mechanique, ADNY, Sloth & Dormant, ETI and Vandal.

As a DJ, Rodenbush has been spinning and collecting dance records since 1994 and links his affinity for electronic music to important synth tracks of the early 80s and 90s. His selection is a blend of underground house music from New York, Chicago, Detroit and the world at-large, combined with the heavier sounds of techno, ranging from the grass roots of Detroit to the edgy sounds of today and everything in between. Dropping a mixture of classic vinyl and digital music alike, his sets are spontaneously crafted to each situation and the mood of the dancefloor. His career has afforded him opportunities to visit many destinations around the globe, including Tokyo [Japan], Osaka [Japan], London [UK], Gdansk [Poland], Santiago [Chile], Vancouver [Canada] and US hot spots like New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Houston, to name a few, also having made radio appearances along the way on stations like Kiss FM (London), Shibuya FM (Tokyo), WNYU (New York), KMEL (San Francisco), and KZSU (Stanford), Amongst Others. He has had the privilege of playing alongside such internationally respected talent as DJ Pierre, Kenny Larkin, Dave Angel, Ken Ishii, Colin Dale, Pure Science, Angel Alanis, Tyler ‘T-Bones’ Stadius, David Harness, Halo, Terry Mullan, Miles Maeda, Marques Wyatt, and many more.

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