Quest is a Vancouver, Canada based, live-focused project by audio engineer and musician Kieran Coulter. The project’s long term aim is to introduce new forms of integrated electronic art and music, generating experiences that push the bar within the Electronic medium. Over the past two years, Quest’s live performances have developed a hypnotic and driving sound, weaving together layers of rhythm and synthesis to the point where the tracks blur together and it becomes difficult to tell where one track begins and another ends, with a flow that’s always in the mix.

From 2000-2005, Kieran got his start producing, DJing and promoting events in the Montreal/Toronto/Ottawa area, before stopping to study music full-time. This led to a deeper study of music technology and computer science in Montreal and Vancouver, where the possibilities of integrated art in the 21st century started becoming clear.

The project’s main goal is in combining motion, audio and video, in a synaesthetic sense, to the point where the lines between them begin to blur. Recent experiments include re-visualizing the kinetic motion of dance floors through motion capture, as well as the synchronized music video “Generated Airlinks” completed in collaboration with DEFSF visualist  Pixelpusher. Considering that the DEFSF crew is now pushing in this direction, expect exciting developments on this front at our events beginning in the new year! 

Heading into 2017, Quest is finally coming into it’s own as an artistic project aiming to be more than the sum of its parts, inspired by having joined us as a close member of the DEFSF team. We’re honored that he continues to bring inspiration and ideas to our direction and focus as a crew.

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