8-bit 10.23.10

Coming Up October 23 2010 we have a party called


saturday, october 23rd

presale tickets sold out!

there will be limited 15 dollar tickets available the night of.
make sure to bring Paypal receipts to the map point!

4<3, DEF & 4AM present

East Bay UG

Saturday October 23rd 10.23.10

vox:1.206.333.7399 (directions and map)

line up: (in order of appearance)

Level 1:
Cody Vs. Dr.Greenthumb (Tech House)
Forest Green (Bassline, Nu Rave)
No Left Turn (Hardcore)
DJ Amber (Maximal Techno)
Jordan Heyser (Acid House)

Level 2:
Orotoro (Dub Tech)
Alixr (Minimal,Tech House)
Craig Kuna (Dubtech)
STML (Minimal)
Matt Holland (Dubtech)

2 fully immersive 8-bit themed visual environments
4 corner & stereo sound reinforcement provided by
Loud!Sound and DEF Audio

Bring: Smiles, Hugs, Friends and an Open Mind
location and map TBA.

$10 Presale
$15 Door

This one goes out to the trueschool ravers. Respect and love to you as always.



Techno soldier of the apex Crew. Cody is a strong proponent of the DIY ethic. If there are no parties, Throw a renegade. If a DJ sucks, DJ better than them. You can usually find Cody with his crew, Apex at some distant underground location in the woods, rocking tough ravey minimal tracks to get your blood pumping right.


A minimal and Tech House enthusiast for the Higher Conscience crew in the North Bay. Bruce has the power to make an empty dance floor full, make them eat out of his hand and make them beg for more. The Dr. has really been pulling his might with expert track selections lately and is truly coming into his own as one of the best djs the underground has to offer.

Forest green:

The sweetheart of the rave scene, masterful DJ and queen of the dopest track selections, Forest’s tastes have always been ravey but dripping with that extra bit of class that other djs who play similar music tend to lose sight of. For this night she will be rocking the floor with her usual Forest bounce along with peak hour Bassline and Nu Rave tracks. Every set Forest does is completely special. Look for her to pull out all the stops on this party. She is very Excited to be rocking with us!

No U Turn:

Known for his innovative mixing, no left turn continues to dominate the American hardcore scene with his fast-paced DJ sets and high-energy productions. Together with his undeniable energy behind the decks, it’s no wonder why he is one of the most in demand hardcore DJ’s in the USA.


Amber is one of the DJs in Techno that really loves her craft to the fullest. After a short stint with Serato and CDJs.. Amber has returned to her roots with vinyl and the passion has never burned so bright. With fresh new vinyl tracks of uptempo and hard rocking techno tracks, Amber will burn up the floor with what she defines as the new breed of ‘maximal’ techno. Amber will be giving away copies of her CD ‘Neo Maximal’ at this event, make sure to grab one.. that CD is infectious!

Jordan Heyser:

Jordan’s always been a digger, from his hip hop roots to the uptempo Disco and Italo jams he plays every sunday at the Beauty Bar. When called upon to play his rare acid house collection, he proves time and time again that his acid house tracks are no fucking joke. It seems like every time he DJ’s, he looks toward the floor and says to himself.. “Well if you like this Trax record, you’ll totally dig this jack master funk record I got..” I’ve often had my mind blown by Jordan by his superior knowledge of the history of dance music. This set should prove to be another excursion into the realms of the best EDM has to offer.


Andy Highland (toro toro, or handy ayeland or whatever he chooses to call himself) is more well known for his Chicago inspired Techno jaxx and pumping Swechno, but did you also know he’s a connoisseur of the finest most headndding Dub Techno ever put on wax? He’s going to kick off the night right with full on bass in your face Techno.


Alex was recently found starting a wayward career as a pool shark until we dragged him back to the rave scene. It seems better off that way anyway, despite him looking dapper with that vest, gigalo haircut and pool cue. Alex’s tracks are fun and he’s always a DJ that prides himself on skill and track selection but always seems to be DJing with a wry smile alluding to the fact that he’s got something killer up his sleeve.

Craig Kuna:

Since Craig’s often dubbed the Czar of Dub Techno in the Bay Area, we thought it only fitting to put him in his place at the peak of the night in our Dub Techno line up. Craig really knows his tracks and is by far one of the best DJs in the bay area, period. His sets are often really inspiring to listen to and his mix sets for DL are always worth listening on repeat. Totally looking forward to Craig spinning a masterful Dub Techno and Tech House set.


Short for Short Term Memory Loss, Sean Allen has a really good ear for what Techno is supposed to sound like. He’s the DJ armed with the golden ears of a mastering engineer behind the decks, picking out sounds with an unparalleled subtractive mixing technique and informed music collection. Sean has told me that he is pulling out some of the absolutely most trippiest minimal for the mentalist slot in the night. By STML’s own words,”Trippy minimal is f*ckin trippy!”

Matt Holland:

I love Matt Holland’s tracks! They are often a blend of Minimal, Dub Techno and IDM, -somehow always flowing together with the most logical progressions. Left field selections seem common place yet completely the right fit for the next progression in the set. Where his set will take you, only Matt knows for sure but most of the time they are very thought provoking and well worth the trip.