DEFSF Presents RESONANCE 02.09.19

DEFSF Presents:
RESONANCE 02.09.19 DEFSF is back in the underground rockin’ a brand new techno party with you. This round we’re going to be bangin’ it out with:Cory Simpson (Seattle)
Exillon (Oakland)
Dropper (North Bay)
Quest (Vancouver/ Oakland)
Riflefeet (North Bay)East Bay location TBA:::
Wall to Wall Sound:: Society Sound
$15 door. 18+ 9pm-6am
All Souls Welcome
Info: 510.747.8079
Cory Simpson
Cory is one of the people really making it happen in recent years in Seattle. With his Monthly, Depth, Cory Simpson’s managed to snare world-class talent.. and bring it home to give techno a firm grip in Seattle. Full respect to the hustle acknowledged, of course, but that doesn’t mean that Cory is not a fully recognized and accomplished artist and musician with more than 20 years of DJing And musicianship credited to his name. On the contrary, Cory’s experience and prowess as a DJ have taken him throughout the hubs the dance music community throughout New York and the Midwest. We’re gonna catch a sample of his curation at this event as he bangs out his deep selections across the platform of techno at the peak of the night.
U-SRD, aka Loammi Rodas and Hiram Fabrizio, are a relatively new duo on the Techno scene in the last five years but have teamed up under the U-SRD to track out some serious techno bangers in their live PA and team DJ Sets. U-SRD has been a force to reckon with as they’ve come under the umbrella of the Konstruct Monthly headed up by From 0-1 heads JX-216 and Rubidium. Their alliance with Konstruct, if intuition serves correct, is looking like something of a very fruitful collaboration in the coming year.  Look out for U-SRD to pull a Live DJ/ Hybrid in the top of the night at our event that promises to be nothing short of bangin’.
Exillon, Jay Fields is a very skilled and well versed electronic music producer who is pretty much one of the sleeper talents residing in the bay area today. And that’s only because Exillon remains supremely humble about his abilities. He’s the kind of producer to play live in a headlining slot at ADE and jump off the plane and head 30 miles straight into the wilderness to play at a renegade for just the thrill of it all.. (true story). When DEFSF first caught up with Jay about 8-10 years ago, we’re doing internet radio and he played live to our small audience with some of the sickest and most intelligent acid electro you could expect to find in the bay at the time..Jay comes from a background of IDM and experimental music..  which he explains is mostly about taking machines to their limits and breaking them sonically and exploring what that sound could be like. Artistically, that’s the a motivating factor in Exillon’s sound but he ranges from glitched out to supremely classy and artistic tracks that will really lave you craving more. Thrilled to have Exillon with us for this round. The peak of the night may be with Cory and U-SRD but Exillon will take you to that place in the night where a lifetime of memories are made.
Travis has been with the thought society crew for over five years as a core entity and been repping quality deeeeeep tracks that are trenched in THC. He has been recently calling Peralta radio his home at the low power radio station KGPC in Berkeley 96.9 informing the community on the most innovative underground electronic music. Officially, Dropper comes from a true school dubstep background but is going to be exploring his techier side with dub techno and ambient for this event.
Quest is a Vancouver, Canada and Eastbay, CA-based, live-focused project by audio engineer and musician Kieran Coulter. The project’s long term aim is to introduce new forms of integrated electronic art and music, generating experiences that push the bar within the Electronic medium. Over the past two years, Quest’s live performances have developed a hypnotic and driving sound, weaving together layers of rhythm and synthesis to the point where the tracks blur together and it becomes difficult to tell where one track begins and another ends, with a flow that’s always in the mix. Quest’s going to be also exploring his deeper side as he starts up the night on this event. Generally, Kieran absolutely kills it at peaktime.. leaving many people asking us.. “Hey is this the headliner?”

“Nah that’s Quest. He’s one of ours, and he’s absolutely crushing it right now.” It’s going to be interesting to see where he takes the night in his set and just what he brings as his softer more cooler tones.

Riflefeet AKA Ripley’s greatest passions include jamming, leftfield abstract techno, punishing techno stormers, experimental classical, african drumming and hanging out with massive bassbins while drinking coffee in his livingroom. As commander of Society Sound and promoter for Thought Society, the fellow DEFSF crewman’s expertise is held within riding the standing basswave to punishing effect. From renegade, to club to underground.. Riflefeet is a master of utilizing the sound system as an artform. Come get some bass and make sure you come out with your fillings intact.