:: DEFSF & 7th Sun present INTEGRATED 6-10-16_6-11-16 Feat. Rai­z & The Automatic Message::

INTEGRATED 6.10.16_6.11.16


DEFSF is going underground from city to city with a true West Coast techno event. This time we’ll be joined by promoter friends 7th Sun from Vancouver and featuring guest DJ sets from Vancouver and Los Angeles. This will be a multi city techno event spanning over 2 days starting in Vancouver and ending in the SF Bay Area.


To kick off this spectacular weekend for West Coast techno, The 7th Sun crew leads the charge in Vancouver, BC on Friday night, June 10th, with Raiz (VRV/Droid Behavior) LA and full support from fine local talent.



Friday June 10, 2016


7th Sun, DEFSF Present: Integrated 6.10.16:::



Line up:

(VRV/Droid) LA

Jay Zoney b2b w/ JGarrett

(7th Sun, DEFSF)

Midnight Vulture


Visuals by C130
Vancouver location TBA.
$15 presale $20 door. 19+ with Valid ID 10pm-?
Infoline forthcoming…. ask a host/DJ for details.





Saturday June 11, 2016


DEFSF & 7th Sun Present: Integrated 6.11.16:::



Line Up:

(VRV/Droid) LA

Automatic Message
Live+ DJ/VJ Set

(From 0-1) Vancouver

(From 0-1) Oakland/SF

(From 0-1) Oakland/SF

(7th Sun/DEFSF) Vancouver/Southbay

(DEFSF/Thought Society) Northbay


Visualist: VJ PixelPusher
Sound:: Society Sound
East Bay location TBA.
$15 door. 18+ 9pm-?

Info: 510.747.8079




Vangelis and Vidal Vargas (often performing solo or as a duo) have long since been key figures in the Southern California techno scene, providing the groundwork alongside Drumcell with the Droid Behavior Crew, laying the foundations for one of the strongest crews to represent techno in North America, and that’s not a hyperbole. As the crew has developed and the West Coast scene has matured, Rai­z was there in the flesh and working hard to establish their sound and as such, has been recognized worldwide, from their own Interface events in LA, to Movement in Detroit, to Berghain and Tresor in Berlin. Raiz will be joining us in Vancouver on Friday the 10th as well as The Bay Area on Saturday the 11th, we’re thrilled and honored to have Raiz with us for these events.


The Automatic Message

Trevor Jacobson and Tanya Goehring, are an audio visual duo based out of Vancouver, BC. Their sound specializes in stern, unrelenting industrial techno which often gives way towards eclectic experimentalism and thoughtful techno, while the visual output of the outfit deals with a captivating, breathtakingly strange look at foreboding subjects that are ultimately unforgettable. The Automatic Message will be co-headining along with Rai­z for the Bay Area event on Saturday the 11th featuring a live PA/DJ set with their signature visual aesthetic.



Josh Garrett is one of the leading figures of the Vancouver techno scene, having been one of the main driving influences behind the city’s sound and direction since his co-founding of Subspec Records in 2012. Subspec as a label is a key force for underpinning the sound of Vancouver techno. It is JGarrett’s ear for industrial music (an enduring influence in the history of Vancouver and the Northwest) as well as his own deep influences growing up in the Detroit scene that keep the label sounding fresh, relevant and constantly evolving. Without Josh, the Vancouver techno scene would still exist, but it would be more chaotic without the current focus and drive of Subspec Music.


Jay Zoney

Jay Zoney, a hard hitting techno music producer, DJ, live PA and label owner out of Vancouver, Canada, is one of the reasons why the city is chock full of slamming techno talent. Through his work with J. Garrett on Subspec and on his own label, Eternal Drive, Jay has done more of his share of work to put Vancouver on the map as a city for techno on the West Coast. Jay Zoney’s sound is dark and moody, hypnotic and lush; never compromising and always delivers the goods when it comes to serious dancefloor moods. This can be witnessed by his appearances on podcasts such as Detroit’s Dystopian Rhythm and Droid Behavior‘s D-Node Podcast, on his releases for Flatlife, Super Six, Subspec and Eternal Drive, as well as his appearances rocking events internationally from Vancouver, LA, Berlin, Seattle, New York, and Detroit.



Oakland techno champion, Milkplant, Justin Pennel, has been on the forefront of West Coast techno with his label From 0-1 ( co-owned by Rubidium, and Sone) and has garnered critical acclaim and support by DJs world wide. It’s Justin’s perseverance and love for techno that has led to some of the most bangin’ and well produced techno 12’s to come out of the West Coast and found him featured on podcasts such as Droid Behavior’s D-Node and Blank Code out of Detroit.



Rubidium, Rachel Bisagni, likes her techno intelligent, rough and tough, while her training in classical dance hints at a much deeper understanding of techno than most other DJs and producers out there. Rubidium is the creative and artistic director behind From 0-1, along side cohorts Milkplant, and Sone. Rachel’s purportedly a newcomer to producing as she has released her first track on Vancouver’s Subspec label as of 2013 but is obviously no stranger to techno as she has proven herself by rocking dancefloors with her DJ sets.  Look for her sets featured on From 0-1, Dystopian Rhythm and opening up for techno headliners s/a Cio d’Or and Black Asteroid.


Midnight Vulture

The Midnight Vulture is one of Vancouver’s mainstay disc jockeys within the afterhours / warehouse circuit, and has been around for many years. He is known for his choice selections, which span decades across the genres of Electro, House, Techno & more..



Quest is a live-focused drone techno project, working new forms of production and performance into an experience that develops over the entire set. The project explores artistic spaces found by collapsing barriers, with performances that take elements from both multitrack DJ sets and traditional live PAs. Quest is a hypnotic and driving sound, pulling the listener in and out of parallel worlds, as sense of time is stretched within the portals between them. Releases include a digital-only place on the Berlin-based Reclaim Your City compilation RYCL003, an EP and remix on Montreal-based North of Nowhere Records, and upcoming EPs on Vancouver and French labels this year.



Matt Ripley, Wanderlust/ Riflefeet’s expertise comes from a training in classical music and non Western traditions, Ripley will try to throw the unconventional curve ball at you and you’re going to have to swing.. usually this leads to really out there pounding techno and twisted bass music. Riflefeet’s going to kick off the night in the Bay Area behind Society Sound’s own 18,000 watt soundsystem… which certainly has seemed to have grown last time we had it at our last party in December. :X


Thanks for making this part one of the most memorable parties we’ve ever been apart of and had a chance to host. Unity in the West Coast techno community was out in full force. We love you all!