DEFSF presents Aurora 4.25.20


At some point you ask why do we do these parties?
Is it the fuzzy feelers you get when someone gives you the fabled “nod”.. sure, lighting people up is part of it.
Then is it about personal glory and being in a whirlwind of exciting activity..? eh, that’s kind of too stressful and parties are supposed to be fun.
So then what is it?
After more than 17 years of doing techno parties (has it really been that long? shit, -totally lost track.. we’ll do that anniversary party one day <_< ) the one thing that really means the most out of all things is bringing people together.
People making connections.. people getting hyped up about seeing something new in their friends. Finding something out about someone on a deeper level and coming together with greater understanding.. for who they are and who we are together in the scene. That has a greater meaning..

For the techno scene, which has always had the deepest heart in SF, one with creative drive and a passion for the music, finding ways to bring people together under that spirit has been a joy to do. That’s why DEFSF is coming back underground to provide a night of dope techno, T.A.Z. and the absolute best Live PA and techno selectors from The Bay in the spirit of scene unity.


DEFSF Presents:
AURORA 4.25.20
Your DJs for the night:
Tape Ghost
Lindsey Herbert
Max Gardner
Location: East Bay TBA
Sound by
The Factory Soundsystem
Taco bar brought to you by The Untapped Palate!
more info TBA… …