DEF Audio is a modest sized, yet high quality digital and analog sound reinforcement unit designed for precision pre-recorded playback at over 4000 RMS power in your area code. The DEF Audio rig features unparalleled signal processing designed to tailor sound to any environment or musical style. With enough gain to blow your hair back, subharmonics to make you sick to your stomach, and scintillatingly clear highs that cut through the air like a razor sharp knife, DEF Audio should be the natural choice for your next underground event.

The DEF soundsystem is available for lease at negotiable rates. Please contact
Sean Ocean for further details.
The Right Tools For The Job

The DEF Audio rig includes:

  • 2 Electro Voice double 15″ T252 800 watt full range loudspeakers (50-16,000 Hz)
  • 2 Electro Voice double 18″ 800 watt subscoop low frequency loudspeakers (50-160 Hz)
  • All Whirlwind Cabling
  • 2 Fuhrman power conditioners with light modules
  • Fully digital graphic EQ, level meter, feedback destroyer and real time graphic analyzer
  • Digital harmonic processor/ surround processor/subharmonic processor/exciter
  • Full range crossover/limiter
  • Digital subharmonic processor/ expander
  • Full range digital signal processor/ exciter
  • 3 DBX compressor/ gate/ limiters
  • 2 QSC 3402 Powerlight amplifiers
  • 1 QSC 1202 Powerlight amplifier
  • 1 2 channel submixer
  • Free qualified technician/ soundsystem babysitter*

*weird guy with mask not included.