Computer Controlled

Computer Controlled, is Larry Kleinke, a Seattle producer, Live PA, and DJ influenced by his origins as a DJ in the 90s Midwest rave scene… from which, he draws  heavy inspiration from the sounds of Hyperactive, DBX, Todd Sines and Woody McBride, along with labels such as Communique, Drop Bass Network, Direct Drive and Harthouse. Needless to say, Kleinke’s sound is very much acid centric. Very few producers capture the essence of what it means to be ill when it comes to hyping the sounds of the classic XOX machines, but it seems he shakes down the sickest of tracks with ease and keeps it fresh. Currently he’s collab-ing with Wilf Libgott & Roman Zawodny under the name Area 303, and now also with Paul Edge to bring The Outer Limits Experience to Seattle.

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