Subversive, Roque Hernandez is foremost known as a veteran DJ in the LA techno scene with the crew Droid Behavior, though Subversive has been quickly carving out his niche in the world of production with Droid sublabel VRV and Historia y Violencia along side Santiago Salazar.  Subversive is a reserved and cool character mostly content to let his records shine before him rather than taking center stage, even though some of his daring, calculated mixes are worthy of high praise since he’s not afraid to throw in a bit of creative trick mixing here and there to show and prove his mastery behind the decks. Overall, the sound of Subversive is tinged with the funk and soul of Detroit peppered with the grit of Northern English techno.. which provides a really promising contrast of hard yet hypnotic grooves that always set dancefloors ablaze.

We’re thrilled to host an upcoming event with Subversive in December. If you’re in our neck of the woods and want to dance to Subversive’s cuts, be sure to hit up our event:

DEFSF Presents Integrated::: 12.2.16 Feat Kafka and Subversive


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Full Bio
Subversive is a DJ veteran of the LA techno community, currently focusing on remix and original output. Through his longtime participation in Droid Behavior and association with Raíz he helped form the VRV label, which has become a platform for both artists. Previous releases have appeared on Historia y Violencia and French label Construct Re-Form, where he collaborated with Voiski as Deception Plan. Subversive’s performances and productions flow between varying styles of techno, electro, and tribal, echoing remnants of Kalamazoo, Birmingham, and Detroit’s depth.

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