Cory Simpson

Cory Simpson. Cory is one of the people really making it happen in recent years in Seattle. With his Monthly, Depth, Cory Simpson’s managed to snare world-class talent.. and bring it home to give techno a firm grip in Seattle. Full respect to the hustle acknowledged, of course, but that doesn’t mean that Cory is not a fully recognized and accomplished artist and musician with more than 20 years of DJing and musicianship credited to his name.
On the contrary, Cory’s experience and prowess as a DJ have taken him throughout the hubs the dance music community throughout New York and the Midwest. We’re gonna catch a sample of his curation at this event as he bangs out his deep selections across the platform of techno at the peak of the night.

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It’s rare to find an artist of Cory Simpson’s caliber so determined to stay truly underground. In his 25 years as a DJ, producer, and promoter, his integrity as an ambassador of techno has shone through each of his creative endeavors.

Having performed throughout hubs like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, and New York City, where dance culture is most deeply rooted, Simpson worked with countless early tastemakers as far back as the ‘˜90s. Now based in Seattle, he recreates these experiences for a budding community of music fans. As the mind behind local event brands like DEPTH, and Macabre, he’s channeled musical undercurrents that had remained untapped locally prior to his arrival.

Behind the decks, the way Simpson builds his sets, speaks to his prowess as an experienced curator. He selects each track, based on its mood, to take the audience on a more deliberate journey, like a film reel of snapshots, from his own life story. Blending different genres seamlessly without steering each mix too far from its intended course.

If the past is any indicator then one thing is for sure: Cory Simpson will represent the underground genuinely for years to come. Include him among your artists to watch in 2018 and beyond.

As Bleek for:
Assimilation Recordings
Chicago Jaxxx
Ekvilibrium Recordings

Event Curator/ Contributer for:
DEPTH ( Seattle)
Macabre ( Seattle)
No Signal ( Seattle)
Mad Scientists ( Denver)

Subduction Sessions ( Fnoob)
Perilous Interpratations ( Crate Radio)

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