Kerri LeBon

Kerri Lebon is a DJ with international touring experience, but still keeps it low-key and plays from her heart out here in Oakland, California. She’s played as far afield as St Petersburg, London, Milan, Greece, to Berlin’s Atonal Festival. She’s rubbed shoulders in DJ sets alongside Silent Servant, Jonas Kopp, Phase Phatale, and Peggy Gou. Kerri’s known for bringing the classiest of electro, the coolest Detroit-styled techno, and the most sophisticated hard-edged EBM. If there’s any DJ who can carry so much poise and class to a DJ set, it’s Kerri LeBon.
This also stems from her interest in Detroit Techno-styled productions as well, which are deep explorations of the cooler side of Techno Soul most effectively.

Catch Kerri LeBon playing at our next event DEFSF Presents Aurora 10.14.23 with JX-216 & DK Pau coming up on 10-14-23.

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